Boredom Births Creativity

What do you get when you take a bored Finnish man struggling to survive winter and give him a chainsaw?

An Ice Carousel

What is that I hear you call, well let me tell you.

First you need a frozen lake, many places don’t have those but Finland has them in abundance this time of year. Then, take a chainsaw and a length of wood long enough to mark out your circumference. Work your way around cutting through the ice until there is a small gap that will allow the circle to rotate.

Keep hold of that chainsaw, you’ll need it again. On the outside of the large circle you have created cut a small hole, slightly away from the edge, and remove the ice. Here you will insert a boat motor.

Next. Gather all your friends and stand over the edge of your newly formed carousel. With one foot push off from the surface of the lake until your carousel begins to turn, turn on the boat motor to assist you and keep the carousel moving continuously.

Voila, now you have your very own ice carousel. Invite your friends over and have a sauna, which of course you set up in the middle of your carousel.


Boredom Births Creativity

Over this winter many Ice Carousels have been set up throughout Finland. This one I visited was actually two carousels created on töölönlahti in the center of Helsinki to celebrate Finland’s 100th year of independence. From the sky it read the number 100 with the carousels representing the 0’s and solar panels used to power the sauna and the motor lined up as the 1.

Boredom Births Creativity

Check out the video below and see the Ice Carousel turn through its Helsinki surroundings.

Visiting Vallisaari Video

Vallisaari is an island a short ferry ride from Helsinki that recently opened to the public after years under the control of the Finnish Armed Forces. On the island you can find historical buildings and natural areas that have been untouched for years.

I won’t say too much, just enjoy the video of my trip.

Read my post from Vallisaari HERE.

Lost in Lapland

Summer seems like a distance memory. But to keep that memory alive I have been working on my first video with footage taken throughout the summer. Regular readers of my blog may recognise some scenes as I have been posting photographs of these experiences.

It is my first attempt and I hope it is a good representation of a summer in Lapland. Please feel free to comment on the video, I would like to hear what you think.

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Beautiful Finland

Here is a great timelapse featuring some of Finland’s most spectacular sights and scenery. I have managed to visit many of the places featured in the video during my time in Lapland and the links can be found below.

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Reynaldo – Rainforest Hero

Our first step in becoming more sustainable in life as well as when we travel is education. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and consider the consequences of their actions now more than ever. The Environment is continually threaten throughout our daily life and making small changes to the way we live, shop and even travel can have a positive impact on the world.

This video really proves how beautiful the world is and that there are people who will fight to protect that beauty. I hope that the next five minutes inspire you as much as they did me.

It was clear we needed to change our way of life,
to think more about the future.


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