The Churches of Lapland

Churches are often the center of a town or village, a place where the community has met for years, and usually one of the oldest buildings. During World War II the German’s burnt their way through the North and churches were the only buildings they spared.  They are built with the materials they have in abundance, in the UK that was stone, in Finland it’s wood. With the new churches that have been built that has started to change but all the older churches are made from wood.

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The Churches of Lapland

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Made From Wood

Made From Wood

Pielpajarvi Wilderness Church

A church is always a fine example of beautiful architecture and fine craftsmanship. They are often built many years ago and stand the test of time. This church in Inari dates back to 1646.

You can read more about Pielpajarvi Wilderness Church in my  post 5 Things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer and this photograph is in response to the challenge Made From Wood.