Landmarks in London

This week I am talking about landmarks after being inspired by a list of landmarks to see before you die. Yesterday, I posted images from my visits to London. Even though I am from the UK whenever I visit London I always feel like a tourist, usually because I am showing around a friend. The tour normally takes a walk along the Thames from the Houses of Parliament and ends at St Paul’s Cathedral, taking in the great view of the domed Cathedral from across the river.

Like any city you visit that you aren’t familiar with, London surprises me every time, there is always something new to see. One of the greatest things that I haven’t seen in other cities I’ve visited is museums are free to visit, with just a recommended donation. For me this allows everyone the right to education and to see something they might not normally have the chance to.

Landmarks in London
The Natural History Museum

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4 thoughts on “Landmarks in London

    1. It was during the school holidays and the dinosaur exhibit was packed. I saw the one in the foyer but that was a different one, maybe a diplodocus. I was able to see the body worlds animals inside out, very interesting.


      1. My niece dragged me to the t-rex took us forever to get there as it was also half term… Yes that museum is very interesting indeed. 🙂


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