Best of Bath

Being back in the U.K I had one day to make a trip to a nearby city. As I had been to the neighboring city of Bristol a number of times I thought I would revisit Bath since my last trip they was over ten years ago and I remembered very little of the historical city.

The city of Bath is well know for its Roman Baths and its yellow stone buildings, these can be found almost as soon as you step out of the train station. The city is small and much of it can be enjoyed by walking and that’s what I did. If I had more time I would of liked to walk the six mile walking route that allows views over the city, maybe next time.

My tip for Bath would be once you have seen the Abbey and Roman Baths follow the River Avon until you find The Circus, three rows of terrace houses set out in a circle.

Do you have any suggestions for a trip to Bath?

Best of Bath

6 thoughts on “Best of Bath

  1. Certainly the Baths in the city are the main highlights for us. We looked at the map of Bath and it seems a lot of the attractions of the city are in and around the baths. Yes the Circus too would be a good place to appreciate Georgian architecture. We hope to road trip to Bath soon!


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