Bath Reflections

It’s opinion time. I took this photograph during my trip to Bath and have already posted one version of it to my¬†Instagram¬†but as Instagram isn’t really built for multiple images and making comparisons I wanted to get your opinion. Which one do you prefer? Go and check out my Instagram to see which version IContinue reading “Bath Reflections”

Door to the Abbey

Is there still a Thursday door challenge that people are following along with? I remember reading about it a while back but haven’t seen much lately. Anyway, here is a great door from Bath Abbey. Even though this is an excellent door situated in the front of the Abbey, visitors enter through a side doorContinue reading “Door to the Abbey”

High Ceilings

Now that I have finally been able to get things together after the hectic holiday period, I can start sharing with you my photographs from my trip to England and especially those from the beautifully city of Bath. Out of the many photographs I took this one inside the Bath cathedral has to be oneContinue reading “High Ceilings”