Clovelly is a small harbour town in North Devon. What makes it interesting, among other things, is that there are no cars in the town. Visitors must park outside the town and pay an admittance to enter, while access to the harbour is down a steep cobbled walking street.


Walking into the town along the Coast Path you follow the purpose built Hobby Drive, a three mile long passion project of Sir James Hamlyn Williams, and bypass the entrance fee. Heading down the cobbled street you walk through a row of houses, many of which are listed buildings, towards the harbour.



Like many places in North Devon Clovelly has a long history with fishing, dating all the way back to the 13th century when the first quay was built. Throughout the town there are signs of the towns important historical ties to fishing.



Visiting the picturesque village was a highlight of this stretch of the Coast Path and even with our heavy packs we decided to descend down to the harbour knowing fully well that we would have to make the climb back up.


As you leave Clovelly heading west on the Coast Path there are a few other notable locations to look out for. Two of my highlights were Angel Wings, a beautiful and intricately detailed resting place. The other is Blackchurch Rock which is often spotted as you walk along the coast. When the tide is out at Mouthmill you are able to get up close to the unique rock at sea level.


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