Have you Met Verity?

Next week I hope to continue my photographic journey along the coast path and pick up where I left off last October. In the meantime I wanted to share one of the highlights from my last trip that came in one of the most unlikeliest of places.

I was walking into Ilfracombe along the coastal path with the recently acquired knowledge that it was home to a sculpture by the British artist Damien Hirst. As soon as the small seaside town came into view I began looking for the bronze statue, thinking that it would stand out against the traditional back drop of the town.


The sculpture was known as Verity and stands 20m tall at the entrance to the Ilfracombe harbour, looking over the Bristol Channel. As I walked into town I was given the chance to see the statue from many angles before getting right up close.


From a distance Verity was a lot smaller than I thought it would be and had less of an impact than I thought it would. That was a completely different story when you were stood underneath it. The controversial design and theme of the statue were something I had become familiar with in Hirst’s work.

It was the first time I had seen anything like it outside of an art exhibit and what left more of an impression was that it was in idyllic coastal town like Ilfracombe where you wouldn’t expect to see it.


Of course the local reaction to Verity was mixed but with a name like Hirst attached I’m sure it would have a positive effect on tourism. Verity is on a 20 year loan (starting in 2012 when it was erected) to the town of Ilfracombe but lets hope that she stays.


Further Reading:

Any of these images are available as prints as well as others from my time on The Coast Path.

I have visited London and another piece from Hirst which is very familiar in theme The Human Body.

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