Melbourne Then and Now

My first day in Melbourne I knew exactly where I wanted to go. From my time there eight years ago I had become familiar with the city and knew that one of the best views was found from the roof of the ANZAC memorial, a 15 minute walk from the construction site that was currently covering Flinders Street Station.

In 2009 a friend encouraged me to travel to Australia and I did. I stayed for two years working and traveling around the country, before returning home. During that time I got to know Australia very well and made some great friends. It was a shame to leave but I knew some day I would be back, even if it was only to visit.

That very friend was now getting married and I was in Melbourne again, walking similar footsteps to those I had trod for the first time years ago and seeing those familiar sights.

Melbourne Then and Now

I would be spending a few days exploring Melbourne before travelling down to the Mornington Peninsula to meet my friend and his future wife, then the wedding would be held there in a couple of weeks.

But first I had to see melbourne.

The weather was overcast but that didn’t spoil the view. From the roof of the memorial you can see 360 degrees, but looking north across Melbourne’s skyline was by far the best. I tried to think back to the last time I stood here and wondered what had changed since then.

There was only one thing that I could notice. Straight down the middle, a building I am sure I would have remembered if I had seen it before. Can you spot it?

Melbourne Then and Now
Melbourne Then and Now

Melbourne 2009

Melbourne Then and Now

Melbourne 2017

Of course the two photos are taken years apart on two different cameras but look closely at the skyline and see if you can see the face of an unknown person. I was intrigued by the building and its mysterious face, during my few days in Melbourne it became an obsession. I had to know more.

Tuned in for my next post for more about the face in Melbourne’s skyline.

Take a look at the two views and let me know if there are any other differences you an spot.


Photography 101

For the last month I have been sharing my photographs as part of the Photography 101 course and their daily tasks and topics. For some of my posts I have tried to contain more detail than just photographs but as part of a recap that shares some of my favourite, and those of my readers, I wanted to include a gallery of the ten best photographs.


In one of my earlier posts I compared photographing landscapes to cityscapes and which one I preferred, if any. I enjoy photographing the places I travel to and sharing those images with people is also part of why I take these pictures. I recently entered one of my photographs to The Guardian and they used it in one of their articles about Cityscapes from around the world.

Cityscapes Around the World

If you enjoy sharing you photographs with others then I recommend adding some photographs to The Guardian Witness project.


Landscape Vs Cityscape


Lanscape Vs Cityscape

Alberta, Canada

There is nothing I enjoy more than going out and experiencing nature. I take my camera and photograph everything I see. Nature is truly amazing, a mountain, a lake, or even a treeline. It inspires me and looking at the photographs after is just as enjoyable as the sight itself.

Walking in the nature can make you forget about the worries of the real world, you completely forget everything except for the beauty of your surroundings. Nature takes hold of you, takes you back to basics and changes the way you think.

I always thought I would rather photograph the natural world or a landscape rather than a skyline or a building but man-made objects can have the same effect. Human kind has made leaps and bounds and to see a building grow still leaves me wondering, ‘How did it get there?’ The same as nature, they both have their own ways of surprising us. A city grows but we are the building force, striving for bigger, taller, higher. We control the outcome, the only limit, our imagination.

What we have achieved is remarkable and only matched by that of the natural world. A mountain versus a building, a river versus a street, or a street lamp verses a tree, they are completely different but exactly the same. They are amazing examples of the wonders that nature and humankind can achieve. They can leave us breathless, inspire us and make us think.

Cityscape or landscape? Place your votes.

Lanscape Vs Cityscape

New York City Skyline