Colourful Copenhagen

When visiting Copenhagen I was expecting a city similar to Helsinki or even Stockholm, and in some ways it was, but one thing I wasn’t expecting was to find these splashes of colour on almost every street corner. Even on a gloomy winter’s day I was surprised how colourful Copenhagen was. These weren’t the onlyContinue reading “Colourful Copenhagen”

Christiania – The Troubles of a Freetown

When heading to Copenhagen I had little interest in visiting Christiania but I had heard from friends that it would be worth it, after all it is Copenhagen’s second most visited place in the city. Christiania began Forty-five years ago when the military moved out of what had been a long standing military base andContinue reading “Christiania – The Troubles of a Freetown”

Grundtvig’s Church

Last weekend I visited Copenhagen for the first time and one of the highlights was my visit to Grundtvig’s Church in the Bispebjerg district. Only 15 minutes bus ride from Copenhagen central station, the church is a rare example of expressionist church architecture. The construction of a church, in the name of ┬áhymn writer N.F.SContinue reading “Grundtvig’s Church”