System Failure

The last few months have been a whirlwind, devouring all my time and this blog has suffered as a result of that. This is something I want to remedy starting now.

Last year I packed up my life and moved countries, back home to the UK. Before getting completely settled I took a month holiday and went to Australia for a friends wedding, visiting Amsterdam and Beijing along the way.

System Failure

But the one thing I can blame for my silence is the destruction of my computer (largely from my own doing). It has played havoc with my workload and productivity, which is partly my fault as I am still procrastinating over which one to replace it with.

Though, I will not let these problems stand in my way any longer. I have been working on a few ideas in my head and it won’t be long before I put them together for you to see. Because of my recent travels and the change in my living situation I am sitting on a bunch of great content that I need you to see. I hope that I can find the words (and the time) to bring these to life.

I would greatly appreciate that you stick around and see what I have been up to in my absence, as well as what I am will be doing in the future. 2018 has started well and I aim for that to continue.

In the meantime visit my other accounts where I try to post more frequently:

LUX Festival


I am now back in Finland after a great trip to England.

It was a cold weekend in Helsinki. The -21 degrees kept many people inside during the LUX Festival, which was good from a photographic point of view. Once the weather warmed up the crowds came out and it was a little more difficult to get shots like this one.

Daily post challenge: Ambience

Photographing the Northern Lights

Photographing the Northern Lights comes down to one thing in my opinion, chance. It is all about being in the right place as the right time. The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that are hard to predict and to chance a glimpse of them you have to spend a few hours out in the cold temperatures.

But once you get that one amazing photograph is all becomes worth it.

Here is a list of helpful tips when attempting to photograph the Northern Lights:

  1. Know your camera. It will be dark and you will need to change your camera settings quickly in order to capture the moving lights. A basic knowledge of long exposure shots will go a long way.
  2. Take a tripod. The second most important piece of kit apart from your camera. I have made do without a tripod in the past but taking one makes adjust angels and positions so much easier.
  3. Dress warm. Find a nice place to set up and make sure you have plenty of clothes, you never know how long the magical display will last.
  4. Take a light. Having a light with you makes everything a lot easier in the dark and also gives you other opportunities for long exposure shots while you wait.
  5. Be patient. Not everyone gets to see the Northern Lights, that’s just the way it is. The more time you are outside the higher your chances.
Photographing the Northern Lights

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