Kvarken Archipelago

Kvarken Archipelago

Kvarken Archipelago, Finland

The reason to visit Vaasa was to take in the nearby Kvarken National park, an area where the landscape shows  signs of post glacial rebound. Since the compression of the last ice age the ground is now returning to its original position and that is happening here along the Finnish coast. In 2006 Kvarken National park became Finland’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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A Quick Stop in Vaasa

Located on the west coast of Finland is Vaasa, a largely Swedish speaking area of Finland. Finland is a dual language country, meaning that they have two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Swedish speaking Finns live throughout Finland but the city of Vaasa and its surrounding area is know for its large number of Swedish speaking inhabitants. In this area of the country you will see the road signs in Swedish first then Finnish!