5 Years in Finland

5 Years in Finland
Finland 2012

After 5 years in Finland it is time for me to move back home to the UK, one of the reasons I have been a little quiet over the last few weeks. To commemorate the time I have spent in the country I wanted to share two photos.

Over the five years I have taken hundreds, maybe even thousands, of photos all over the country, a small selection has been shared on these pages. These two images represent that journey. When I arrived I went to a cabin by the lake to spend Midsummer with a group of friends. The photo above was taken of the midnight sun, a typical view over summer, and one of the first pictures I took in the country.

Now, Finland celebrates its 100th year of independence and across the country different celebrations and events take place. Below is a farm where they have created a Finnish flag out of hay bales. This photo was taken late at night, around 11pm, and one of the last I will take.

5 Years in Finland
Finland 2017

Of course I will be back to Finland in the future and still have plenty more photographs to share with you from my time in Finland.

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8 thoughts on “5 Years in Finland

  1. Thank You for this post. You said: “Over the five years I have taken hundreds, maybe even thousands, of photos all over the country”.

    When I was retired in 2004, I started to shoot photos from my country Finland. I can also nearly say that I have been everywhere in Finland. About 80 000 photos from which about 20 000 presented in my posts. Shooting photos from 440 churches and bell tows around the Finland helped me to know better my country and its countryside. I had a dream that someday I could shoot photos from “Koskenlasku” and last Saturday I was lucky to shoot photos from this “Rafting on a log competition”. Amazing was that in this unique competition participated a Japanese TV-star Daisuke Miyagawa. How he managed this competition, I will tell later.

    I believe that You know my country as well as I and I am very glad when knowing it.

    All the best to You. Matti


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