Tromsø Revisited

2015 was a big year for tourism, the number of international tourists rose by 5%, seeing 1.2 billion of us travelling aboard. Even with the threat of terrorist attacks people weren’t deterred, France remained the most visited country even after the tragedies in Paris. Where was the best place you travelled last year? Out of theContinue reading “Tromsø Revisited”

Helmer Hanssen

Taken during my visit to Norway a few months ago this photograph is of the explore Helmer Hanssen’s statue in Tromso. Helmer Hanssen was one of the first five people to reach the south pole during the 1911 expedition. The dogs and the figure look life size in front of the Norwegian landscape but in actualContinue reading “Helmer Hanssen”

The View of Tromsø

Looking over Tromsø there is a view point where you can see the city and the surrounding landscape. The top of the mountain is easily accessible by way of a Norwegian priced cable car that runs every half an hour. Even though it is slightly expensive the view is well worth it. Above is a panoramaContinue reading “The View of Tromsø”