The View of Tromsø

The view of Tromsø

Panorama using mobile app

Looking over Tromsø there is a view point where you can see the city and the surrounding landscape. The top of the mountain is easily accessible by way of a Norwegian priced cable car that runs every half an hour. Even though it is slightly expensive the view is well worth it.

Above is a panorama I took using my phone, perfectly connected. I am not even sure how it works but some how it does. Below is a panorama I made by printing the photographs and connecting them myself. Even though it is flawed I enjoy the process and the final image.

What do you think? Which one do you prefer?

The view of Tromsø

The manual way

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Crossing the Border

I have been living in Northern Finland for the last six months and now the snow has finally cleared it was time to make a trip. The five hour drive north to Tromsø, Norway. It was the beginning of May but that didn’t stop it from snowing the night before.

I had seen much of the Finnish landscape while driving from Helsinki last year and it can easily be summarised, lakes and trees. And lots of them. But then I was told about the landscape around Kilpisjärvi and how beautiful it was. I wouldn’t necessarily consider this as typical Finnish scenery as it was pretty much Norway or Sweden being that close to their borders, but it was beautiful none the less.

Crossing the Border

Kilpisjärvi, Finland

It was surprising how quickly the landscape changed once we crossed the border into Norway. Finland had been grey and dull but 10 km after the border the clouds cleared and made way for clear blue skies. The hills grew from rocky outcrops and became magnificent mountains. The weather was warmer, the snow on the ground was gone and only lay on the mountain sides. It was obvious, Norway was better.

Crossing the Border

10 km into Norway

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