Alexsis Kivi

Sculptures of Helsinki #15 This week saw Finland celebrate Finnish literature and the birth of national writer Alexsis Kivi on 10th October, flags were flown on every street. Kivi was born in 1934 and became a writer when he moved to Helsinki for university, his most notable work was Seven Brothers. Even though Kivi sawContinue reading “Alexsis Kivi”

Fountain in the Night

Sculptures of Helsinki #14 The story behind this sculpture isn’t an interesting one but I am really happy with the long exposure and the way motion of the water is captured. The Bank of Finland Fountain is made from welded pieces of copper and is meant to resemble cupped hands with fingers entwined. You can findContinue reading “Fountain in the Night”

Sculptures of Helsinki #11

The Memorial for Seafarers has stood on the southern coast of Helsinki since 1968 to commemorate the lives lost at sea. On top of the monument a continuous flame burns. In the background is the Mikael Agircola Church, named after the ‘father of literary Finnish’, and designed by Lars Sonck who also designed the impressive Kallio Church.Continue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #11”

Sculptures of Helsinki #10

Last week was Helsinki Design Week and in celebration they created a bubble around the Three Smiths statue where people could sit and relax as well as attend events held inside. You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki and they are accessible to everyone. See more and search through theContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #10”

Sculptures of Helsinki #8

The Bat marks the spot of the former Lepakkoluola (bat cave), an innovative music and youth centre. The centre was also the birthplace of the first commercial radio station in Finland, Radio City. The sculpture by Jouni Kuusimäki was hung in the assembly hall but when the building was demolished the Bat was moved into storage untilContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #8”

Sculptures of Helsinki #7

The sculpture World Peace was donated by the City of Moscow as part of the Cities’ Friendship and cultural exchange program. The five statues represent the five continents and raise their hands in solidarity for world peace, above them a globe decorated by foliage. Designed by Oleg Kirjuhin and unveiled in 1990, the sculpture standsContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #7”

Sculptures of Helsinki #6

Lifting Power was unveiled in 1962 to commemorate 50 years of the Cable Factory, the statue is 4 meters high including the stone pedestal. Enjoy Lifting Power during winter and summer, notice the addition of the tie around his neck. You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in HelsinkiContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #6”

Jussi TwoSeven

I first came across the artist Jussi TwoSeven earlier in the year but at the time I didn’t know it yet. I was directed to an area in northern Helsinki to see a piece of street art, a large owl hidden under an underpass of no particular relevance. I recently created a Facebook page forContinue reading “Jussi TwoSeven”