Tate modern

Tate Modern

The Bankside Power Station in London is now home to the Tate Modern. At first there had been a coal fired power station in this location from 1891 but the area was developed and construction of the current building was fully completed in 1963. Between 1952-1981  the power station generated electricity for the city.

The building sits on the bank of the Thames and is seen as a historical icon of the city. Its unique chimney was restricted at a height of 99m as it had be lower St. Paul’s Cathedral on the opposite bank. In recent years the building went through a £134 million conversion project and opened in 2000 as the Tate Modern

These photographs were taken at a time when the Tate Modern was hosting a Damien Hirst exhibit and the statue outside was part of his work, other famous work of Hirst is the 50 million diamond encrusted platinum skull and the shark in a tank, both were featured in the exhibit.


Lapland in Colour

Can you colourise my life, I’m so sick of black and white?
                                                                                 Meat Loaf

I recently posted a gallery of images titled Lapland in Black and White so I thought it would only be fair to post a gallery of my colour photographs from the summer so far in Lapland. I have always enjoyed photographing in black and white especially when it comes to landscapes and nature but sometimes a colour image does the job perfectly.

Which do you prefer, colour or black and white?

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