The Churches of Lapland

Churches are often the center of a town or village, a place where the community has met for years, and usually one of the oldest buildings. During World War II the German’s burnt their way through the North and churches were the only buildings they spared.  They are built with the materials they have inContinue reading “The Churches of Lapland”

Kittilä Church

Kittilä church was completed in 1831 and was the only building in Kittilä to survive the German’s Scorched Earth policy during the Lapland war in 1944. The church was designed by C.L Engel, the same man who designed the Iconic Helsinki Cathedral. Which do you like, Kittilä church in summer or winter? A great Transition. This postContinue reading “Kittilä Church”

Made From Wood

A church is always a fine example of beautiful architecture and fine craftsmanship. They are often built many years ago and stand the test of time. This church in Inari dates back to 1646. You can read more about Pielpajarvi Wilderness Church in my  post 5 Things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer and this photographContinue reading “Made From Wood”

5 things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer

Lapland often refers to the northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway that are inside of the Arctic Circle. The area is mainly considered a winter destination with many international visitors coming to visit Santa Claus and experience other winter activities. The area of Lapland also has a lot to offer during the summer, that’s right, evenContinue reading “5 things to do in Finnish Lapland in Summer”

Scorched Earth

When World War II was approaching its conclusion Finland asked the Germans, who up to this point had been helping them fight against the Russians, to leave but they refused.  This then led to the Finns fighting against the Germans and pushing them north into Norway. On the way out the Germans used a ScorchedContinue reading “Scorched Earth”

Helsinki Cathedral

Many cities have a landmark, place or object that symbolizes the city and represents it’s imagine to the world, London has the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, New York’s would probably be the Statue of Liberty and the freedom it represents to the American people, and Paris the Eiffel Tower. This week I amContinue reading “Helsinki Cathedral”

Landmarks in London

This week I am talking about landmarks after being inspired by a list of landmarks to see before you die. Yesterday, I posted images from my visits to London. Even though I am from the UK whenever I visit London I always feel like a tourist, usually because I am showing around a friend. The tourContinue reading “Landmarks in London”