Olhava, Repovesi National Park

Olhava, Repovesi National Park


I have now hiked in Repovesi National Park in autumn and winter with both trips being equally interesting in their different ways. One of the places I visited during both trips was Olhava, a huge rock cliff that is a popular spot for climbing, but also a great place for photographs.

During the autumn I was restricted to the lakeside but in the winter with the lake frozen I was able to move freely and take photos from any angle, I was also able to walk right up to and along the cliff.

What’s your favourite view?

Olhava, Repovesi National Park


In response to the photo challenge A Good Match

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Two Views – Autumn VS Winter

Two Views - Autumn VS Winter

Last week this view in Helsinki was full of colour, ruska was here and the city looked beautiful.

Yesterday saw the first snow and that means only one thing, winter is on the way.  We don’t know for how long it will last but there is one certainty, more snow will come and the lake will eventually freeze.

Are you looking forward to those cold winter months? What are your tips for surviving winter in a city?

Two Views - Autumn VS Winter

Autumn in Helsinki

The last few weeks in Helsinki has seen the city change, the weather is cooler and the leaves have begun their autumn journey. In Finnish there is even a name for this short period of time during the autumn season, ruska.

Ruska applies to the time when the leaves are at their most colourful and just lasts a few weeks. The following photographs have been taken during this time.

Share your Autumn Colours in the comments and tell me what you think.

Autumn in Helsinki

Autumn in Helsinki

Colourful sunsets add even more colour.

Autumn in Helsinki

A statue of a woman looks over the power station in the colorful Vanhankaupunki area but this view will soon change into THIS.

Autumn in Helsinki

The perfect comparison. Seeing the difference that autumn can make to the nature around us.

Autumn in Helsinki

Autumn in Helsinki Autumn in Helsinki

Cafes with outside seating where I enjoyed a coffee and a beautiful view over the summer begin to close their doors for the winter and wait out the cold for warmer conditions.

Autumn in Helsinki

Autumn in Helsinki Sibelius was a composer from the early 20th century and now his monument is one of helsinki’s most popular tourist destinations.

Autumn in Helsinki
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Sibelius Monument

Jean Sibelius was born in 1865 and was a composer of classical music, his music is often credited with giving Finland a national identity as they struggled for independence from Russia. Sibelius’s image was on the 100 mark note before Finland adopted the euro and his national day is celebrated on his birthday, December 8th.

The Sibelius Monument was inaugurated in 1967 and since then has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Helsinki. The monument is 8.5 meters high and 10.5 meters wide with 600 metal pipes making up its vast size. The monument also contains a likeness of Sibelius seen on the right.

During the summer the monument is crowded with tourists posing next to the metal pipes and even putting their heads inside. Another popular photograph is to take one pointed up to the sky through the pipes. On this autumn day the area was empty except for a lone woman sitting on a bench just out of frame to the left.

Sculpture of Helsinki #16

Autumn in Helsinki

You can find almost 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki and they are accessible to everyone. See more and search through the database at HAMhelsinki.fi.