New Horizon

  Over the last year I have been concentrating much more on my photography and would like to continue you doing so over the year, and possibly, the years to come. So I have decided with the help of this challenge to post a photograph a day during next year. What is your challenge forContinue reading “New Horizon”

Alexsis Kivi

Sculptures of Helsinki #15 This week saw Finland celebrate Finnish literature and the birth of national writer Alexsis Kivi on 10th October, flags were flown on every street. Kivi was born in 1934 and became a writer when he moved to Helsinki for university, his most notable work was Seven Brothers. Even though Kivi sawContinue reading “Alexsis Kivi”

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park is a few hours drive from Helsinki but worth the trip if time allows. For a day trip I would recommend the Ketunlenkki Trail, a 5km circuit that takes in some of the best spots in the park. and the route that I took. After leaving the car park the Ketunlenkki or fox trailContinue reading “Repovesi National Park”

Jussi TwoSeven

I first came across the artist Jussi TwoSeven earlier in the year but at the time I didn’t know it yet. I was directed to an area in northern Helsinki to see a piece of street art, a large owl hidden under an underpass of no particular relevance. I recently created a Facebook page forContinue reading “Jussi TwoSeven”

St Olaf’s Church, Tallinn

St Olaf’s Church In Tallinn is thought to be from the 12th century, though the exact date is unknown. Its first written mention was  in 1267. Interestingly, it is thought that at one time, between 1549-1625, this was the tallest building in the world. More interestingly, during the Soviet Union the tower was used byContinue reading “St Olaf’s Church, Tallinn”