Morning Frost

Coming to England for the Holidays, it was great to see those frosty mornings. December was a fairly warm month in Helsinki where I saw very little cold weather. Apart from an early snow in November it has often been well over zero degrees, I am sure it will be very different when I returnContinue reading “Morning Frost”

A visit to Porkkala and 1950’s Era Russia

I was lucky enough to accompany Global Degree and Day With A Local on a tour of the Porkkala region in Southern Finland as part of a YouTube series that will be released next year. After catching an early train from Helsinki we arrived in Kirkkonummi where we were driven to Sjundby Manor. When weContinue reading “A visit to Porkkala and 1950’s Era Russia”

Autumn in Helsinki

The last few weeks in Helsinki has seen the city change, the weather is cooler and the leaves have begun their autumn journey. In Finnish there is even a name for this short period of time during the autumn season, ruska. Ruska applies to the time when the leaves are at their most colourful andContinue reading “Autumn in Helsinki”

Sibelius Monument

Jean Sibelius was born in 1865 and was a composer of classical music, his music is often credited with giving Finland a national identity as they struggled for independence from Russia. Sibelius’s image was on the 100 mark note before Finland adopted the euro and his national day is celebrated on his birthday, December 8th.Continue reading “Sibelius Monument”

Repovesi National Park in Autumn

I found myself in Repovesi National Park for the second time this year. My previous visit I walked the enjoyable but short fox trail during summer, this time I set my sights a little higher and planned to spend two nights in the National Park. Along with a friend we arrived in the park late,Continue reading “Repovesi National Park in Autumn”


Seurasaari is a small island close to the Helsinki city center and serves as an open air museum. You are only allowed to enter the island by foot and once there you can enjoy the natural surroundings. Throughout the island there are different buildings which have been brought from all over Finland to show howContinue reading “Seurasaari”

Repovesi National Park

Repovesi National Park is a few hours drive from Helsinki but worth the trip if time allows. For a day trip I would recommend the Ketunlenkki Trail, a 5km circuit that takes in some of the best spots in the park. and the route that I took. After leaving the car park the Ketunlenkki or fox trailContinue reading “Repovesi National Park”

Helsinki Ghost Town in Kruunuvuori

Helsinki Ghost Town is far from the tourist trail but well worth a visit. To get there I would suggest going by bike, it’s a great ride connected by cycle paths all the way from the city. It is possible to get there by public transport, metro to Herttoniemi and then a bus, I won’tContinue reading “Helsinki Ghost Town in Kruunuvuori”

Sculptures of Helsinki #2 and #3

On the HAM sculpture database Ateneum is listed twice. Firstly. for the heads of three great masters of art, Bramante, Phidias and Raphael above the entrance, Then the other is for the facade itself, and in particularly, the four female figures supporting the roof.  Interestingly, the building was designed by architect Theodor Höijer but the facadeContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki #2 and #3”