Sculptures of Helsinki

I have always enjoyed seeing the variety of art as I walk around Helsinki, be it a statue, mural or sculpture, they often have a story to tell or a place in history, sometimes both. Since Helsinki Museum launched a new sculpture database my interest has increased and I have set out on a mission toContinue reading “Sculptures of Helsinki”

Polka Dots in the Park

  Since Helsinki Day on June 12th there has been an art installation by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama in Esplande Park, Ascension of Polka Dots. ”These works have been inspired by beautiful nature and people, and they create communication between nature and living beings. The shining city of Helsinki, as well as the life weContinue reading “Polka Dots in the Park”

Beer Floating in Helsinki

It’s that time of year again when every rubber boat in Finland is bought and taken down to the river so many people can go beer floating through Helsinki for the afternoon. The following is a post I wrote a few years ago about the annual Beer Floating event that took place this weekend. The aim was to highlight that even thoughContinue reading “Beer Floating in Helsinki”

Visiting Vallisaari

This year visiting Vallisaari has never been easier. Until spring of this year the island was closed to the public as it is owned by the Finnish defense forces, now, for the first time, it can be reached by a 20 minute ferry ride from the Helsinki’s Market Square. From Vallisaari you are provided with excellentContinue reading “Visiting Vallisaari”

Can a Landscape be Done Using Portrait Orientation?

Many of the photographs I have seen for this weeks Photo Challenge have been landscape orientation and I asked myself the  question, can a Landscape be done using Portrait orientation? Do you think this image is a good example of a landscape photograph? Share your examples of landscapes done with a portrait orientation and weContinue reading “Can a Landscape be Done Using Portrait Orientation?”

Written in Rock

The Jurassic Coast is well known for its unique landscape. I have already mentioned Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, two places I was able to visit recently, but there are many others spread out along the 95 mile stretch, they include Chesil Beach and Old Harry’s Rocks. Most famously the Jurassic Coast is known forContinue reading “Written in Rock”

Lost in Lapland

Summer seems like a distance memory. But to keep that memory alive I have been working on my first video with footage taken throughout the summer. Regular readers of my blog may recognise some scenes as I have been posting photographs of these experiences. It is my first attempt and I hope it is aContinue reading “Lost in Lapland”